5 Fun Games to Play with Your Cat

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Being a cat lover, we want to keep our cats happy and healthy. House cats, in particular, do not get enough exercise as the outdoor cats do. Many people that have housecats will admit that their cat is a tad over weight. If you are worried about your cat’s health, make it fun for him and yourself by playing these five fun and easy games:

1. Ball of light.

You will need a flashlight and a semi-dark room. Clear any objects out of the room that may injure your cat. Shine your flashlight on the floor in front of your cat. Move the light around by zigzagging and moving it in little circles. Your cute ball of fur will try to catch it by pouncing and stalking it.

2. Milk ring play.

You will need the plastic ring from the cap of a gallon of milk. Depending on your cat’s personality, a variety of games can be played. Show your cat the ring, and then throw it. Your cat may go get it and bring it back to you (my cat does this!), or he may pounce on it, and then sit and chew it. If he brings it back to you, he is waiting for you to throw it again. If he sits and chews it, wait until he tires of it, and then get his attention again by throwing it again.

3. Yarn play.

This is such a typical cat game. Use a long piece of yarn that you can pull across the floor. Be creative and wiggle it or move it in circles around your cat. Be careful because your cat will pounce upon it. To see your cat jump, hold the yarn above his head and move it around. Let him catch it periodically.

4. Stalking.

Get your cat’s attention and run around a corner. Peek around the corner to see if he is watching you. You will know he is interested if he is crouched down on all fours or his eyes and ears are focused in your direction. This is his stalking position. Keep peeking around the corner at him and pulling back. He should start inching his way towards you. When he does, run in the opposite direction. Try not to make any noise. When he catches you, run around a corner and start again.

5. Catnip fun.

If you want to see your cat move about like a crazy animal, let him sniff catnip. Catnip is known as a feline aphrodisiac. Cats find the smell irresistible. There are many catnip filled toys and blankets that your cat will enjoy. Be prepared to watch your cat jump and leap about while trying to bite and chew the toys.

Helpful Tips

* Never try to force your cat to play. This will only discourage him in the future.

* Do not play rough with your cat. He is not a dog.

* If your cat becomes bored, try a new game.