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Do Sphynx Cats Have Fur?

Sphynx cats are one of the most popular breeds of cats because of their unusual hairless appearance. But a common question people have about them is: do Sphynx cats have fur? The answer is both yes and no.

The Hairless Genes in a Sphynx Cat

A Sphynx cat’s coat consists mainly of skin with some sparse hairs scattered throughout, which is unique compared to other breeds that typically have thick coats. This lack of fur can be attributed to their genetics as they possess two copies of the “hairlessness gene”—one from each parent. But despite its name, this gene doesn’t make a cat completely hairless, as some sparse hairs may still be present on the body or head. Additionally, while it’s uncommon among purebreds, some specimens do show evidence of thicker coats due to interbreeding with other domesticated felines over time.

Texture and Feel

Although lacking typical long-haired features like a mane or whiskers, their skin does feel different than that of an ordinary housecat; it feels more wrinkled and bumpy! When petting them you will also notice that there are small bumps all over called papillae which appear like goosebumps on humans but are actually glands used for thermoregulation (to keep warm). You might also feel an oily secretion from these same papillae glands on your hands after petting your kitty!

Grooming Needs

These unique traits result in certain grooming needs not shared by other breeds such as regular bathing and oil treatments in order to keep their delicate skin clean and moisturized—so don’t forget about scrubbing those wrinkles! To prevent infections or irritation due to excessive oil production you should use medicated shampoo specifically designed for cats when giving baths as well as cotton balls soaked in mineral oil afterwards if desired (talk to your vet first!). Furthermore, since they don’t have much protection against dirt/debris being blown into eyes/ears/nose etc., frequent cleaning sessions may need additional attention depending upon lifestyle habits too – so having those tweezers handy comes in very useful sometimes!

Conclusion Although lacking the typical soft coat we expect from our feline friends – true sphinxes definitely come with plenty personality instead! So whether you’re looking for easy maintenance grooming routines or just want something truly unique – this breed certainly fits the bill regardless if they technically “have” fur…or not.