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What is a Cat’s Gestation Period?

A cat’s gestation period, also known as its pregnancy length, is the amount of time it takes for a female cat to give birth. A healthy feline pregnancy typically lasts between 61 and 67 days from conception to delivery. Knowing when your cat got pregnant can help you determine the approximate due date of her kittens.

Signs of Pregnancy in Cats

Cats usually show signs that they are pregnant during their 4th and 5th week after conception. The most common symptom is an increase in appetite – she will want more food than usual, especially protein-rich foods such as meat or fish. Other symptoms include weight gain, swollen nipples, nesting behavior (making a bed out of towels or blankets), and restlessness (pacing around the house). Additionally, some cats may experience morning sickness similar to what humans experience during early stages of pregnancy. Your vet may also recommend performing blood tests to confirm whether your cat is truly pregnant or not.

How Long Does Each Stage Last?

It can be helpful to break down a cat’s gestation period into three distinct stages: pre-birth care, labor and delivery, and postpartum care. In the pre-birth stage, which begins at day 1 post-conception until day 56 before birth; your cat should receive regular veterinary checkups so that any health issues can be identified early on in her pregnancy . During this stage you’ll want to make sure she has access to plenty of fresh water daily as well as providing nutritious meals with ample amounts of proteins – both canned wet food and dry food are suitable options for her diet at this time . As far as exercise goes , keep it light but still provide enough stimulation within reason . This could involve playing with toys , letting her wander around indoors , or allowing supervised outdoor playtime if possible .
During part two – labor & delivery – expectant mothers often become restless just prior to giving birth ; panting heavily , meowing constantly , licking herself thoroughly etcetera — once labor starts proper — contractions begin along with vomiting fluids/blood clots/placentas etcetera — active pushing lasting up until each kitten arrives safely via vaginal delivery without complication followed by placenta expulsion sometimes accompanied by additional vigorous licking&cleaning action from momma kitty… Post natal stage consists primarily off maternal nursing duties while newborn kitties adjust their breathing rate then start feeding on mama milk ; kittens should double their original bodyweight w/i fortnight & triple w/i 3 weeks..


The entire process usually takes about 9 weeks total including recovery time for mother cats; however each individual case may differ depending upon breed type & overall physical condition thereof…In order for expecting pet parents like yourself better prepare themselves towards successful new arrival(s) ; always consult qualified veterinary personnel whenever concern arises throughout course duration .. Hope this article was informative !