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Can Cats Eat Turkey Necks?

Turkey necks are a great source of nutrition for humans and most animals. But can cats eat turkey necks safely? The answer is yes, as long as it’s done in moderation.

Advantages of Feeding Your Cat Turkey Necks

There are several benefits to feeding your cat turkey necks. First, they’re packed with protein which helps promote healthy muscles and bones in cats. They also contain valuable nutrients like phosphorus, Vitamin A and iron which boost your pet’s immune system and provide energy. Additionally, the fat content found in turkey necks provides essential fatty acids that help keep their coat looking shiny and healthy.

How to Prepare Turkey Necks For Your Cat

It’s important to make sure you prepare the turkey neck correctly before feeding it to your cat. You should always cook the neck thoroughly before serving so that there is no risk of foodborne illness occurring from raw meat or poultry products. It’s also important to cut off any fat from the neck since too much fat can cause health problems for cats including pancreatitis or obesity if given frequently over time in large amounts. After cooking and trimming off any excess fat, you can chop up the cooked neck into small pieces or shred it so that it’s easier for your cat to consume without choking on larger chunks of bone or gristle material present within a raw fleshy piece like this one .

Warning Signs That You Should Stop Feeding Your Cat Turkey Necks

If you notice any signs of digestive issues such as vomiting or diarrhea after feeding them a few times then STOP immediately! Too many bones ingested by our feline friends at once could lead to serious consequences such as gastrointestinal blockage due solely by its size volume thus requiring veterinary care right away! Additionally watch out for signs of discomfort around mealtime like burying their heads when presented with food instead of being excited – this could be an indicator they’re not digesting their meals properly anymore due an underlying medical condition rather than just eating something new .


In conclusion althoughcats can eat turkey necks safely but ONLY if done in moderation after preparing them properly with attention paid towards potential warning signs indicating otherwise afterwards ! If ever unsure about what type/amount/frequency please consult with your veterinarian first prior taking action – we want only best quality life possible provided responsibly whenever introducing novelty items into diet steadily overtime rather than abruptly all at once !