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Are Burmese Cats Good with Dogs?

Cats and dogs are two of the most popular pets, but can they peacefully coexist under one roof? While some cats and dogs may never get along, it is possible for them to learn to live together. One breed that is often known for its friendliness towards other animals, including dogs, is the Burmese cat.

About the Burmese Cat Breed

The Burmese cat breed originated in Southeast Asia around 1900. They began as a petite and stocky breed with short legs and were brought to America in 1930. Due to their small size and playful nature, they quickly gained popularity among US households. The modern-day version of this breed has slightly longer legs than its ancestors so they can be more agile and athletic than before.

Burmese cats are an intelligent breed with a lot of energy; they love playing games like fetch or chasing toys around the house – even if there’s no one else around to play with them! They also tend to bond closely with their owners since they seek out attention from people rather than relying on other animals for companionship.

Are Burmese Cats Good With Dogs?

It’s important to note that every animal is different – meaning results could vary between individual cats when put into contact with different types of dog breeds as well as personalities within those breeds. That being said, many sources report that Burmese cats typically do very well when introduced into homes where both cats and dogs previously lived because of their naturally outgoing personalities (which helps them socialize easily) combined with intelligence which allows them adapt quickly when exposed new environments or situations like living alongside another species such as a dog! ­­­­­­­

In general though, it’s likely your home will run more smoothly if you take proper precautions ahead of time when introducing any new pet into your family environment such as introducing your current pets slowly over time instead all at once—and making sure there are plenty positive reinforcements during this process (like treats). This way both animals have chance learn how interact calmly without feeling threatened by presence each other too abruptly . Additionally consider supervising interactions between Fido & Fluffy just make sure everyone stays safe while getting used being part same household unit!