The Truth About Cat Urine: Can It Really Get You High?

As an AI language model, my top priority is to provide accurate and reliable information that adds value and knowledge to our readers. In this blog post, we will be answering the question “can cat urine get you high?”


Cat urine is a product of metabolism from cats’ bodies. It contains ammonia, uric acid, hydrogen ions, salt, and other substances. These are waste products excreted by cats through their kidneys into their bladder before finally getting released through urination.

Can Cat Urine Get You High?

The short answer is NO! Cat urine cannot get you high or produce euphoria feelings when consumed or inhaled.

It doesn’t matter how much cat pee one ingests; it cannot cause any psychoactive effects on the human brain’s receptors responsible for producing such effects.

Risks of Consuming Cat Urine

While cat urine won’t give you any pleasurable sensations or make your body feel good in any way possible, consuming it can pose health risks that may harm your body.

1) Exposure to Ammonia – The most notable risk associated with consuming cat urine is exposure to ammonia gas produced by the decomposition of urea crystals found in the urine. This gas can irritate your lungs and lead to respiratory problems such as asthma attacks and bronchitis.

2) Bacterial Infections – Another danger associated with drinking or inhaling cat pee is contracting bacterial infections that live inside a feline urinary tract system. These bacteria are harmful to humans’ digestive system due to their antibiotic resistance traits that make them hard to treat using conventional antibiotics available today.

3) Parasitic Infections – Cats are carriers of various parasitic organisms such as Toxoplasma gondii that thrive inside felines’ intestines during infection periods. When humans consume infected feces or drink contaminated water containing these parasites’ eggs, they risk developing severe health complications like blindness or neurological disorders if left untreated.


In conclusion, it’s important to note that consuming or inhaling cat urine is not only repulsive but also poses serious health risks. It cannot get you high in any way possible, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.

Therefore, let’s keep our pets’ waste products where they belong – in the litter box- and avoid putting ourselves at risk by engaging in harmful activities like drinking animal urine or feces ingestion.

Remember always to prioritize your health above anything else!