Can Cats Eat Artichoke? The Answer, Plus Tips on Safely Feeding Your Feline Friend

Can Cats Eat Grits?

Grits are a popular breakfast item in the south and have been around for centuries. Many people love to eat grits with butter, cheese, gravy or even shrimp. But can cats eat grits as well? The answer is no, cats should not be given grits as part of their diet. Although it may seem like a tasty treat, there are several reasons why cats should avoid eating grits altogether.

Nutrition Profile Of Grits

Grits are made from ground corn and contain small amounts of carbohydrates, protein and fat. They also contain trace amounts of vitamins such as thiamin and riboflavin. However, they do not provide any essential nutrients that cats need in order to maintain good health. In addition, most brands of ready-made grits also contain added salt which can be dangerous for cats if ingested in large quantities over time.

Health Risks Of Eating Grits

Even though some people might think that feeding their cat a few bites of cooked or uncooked grits will not hurt them; this could actually put them at risk for developing certain health problems such as obesity or diabetes due to the high carbohydrate content found in these types of food items. Additionally, since there is no nutritional value associated with consuming grits it would be best to avoid providing this type of food entirely when trying to keep your pet healthy and happy.


In conclusion, while some humans enjoy having a bowl full of hot steaming deliciousness each morning known as “grist” (or commonly referred to by us Southerners as “grit”) our beloved feline friends should stick strictly with their normal wet/dry cat foods instead! The carbohydrates found within the grains used to make these particular dishes can easily cause long-term weight gain issues if indulged upon too often – so use caution when considering giving your kitty any sort of human meals whatsoever!