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Why Do Cats Love Window Blinds?

Cats love window blinds for many reasons. They’re perfect for climbing, jumping, and lounging in the sun. Plus, cats can hide behind them and sneak up on unsuspecting prey outside. But all of this fun comes at a price—cats can cause damage to your window blinds by scratching or chewing them up!

Tips to Keep Cats Out of Window Blinds

Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to discourage your cat from playing with your window blinds. Here are a few tips:
• Cover windows with heavy drapes or outdoor shades that cats cannot climb on or tear down easily. Consider using motorized shades if you want more control over how much light enters your home.
• Install vertical blind carriers made of material that is difficult for cats to claw through such as aluminum or vinyl PVC plastic coated wire mesh fabrics. It should be strong enough to withstand claws without being too thick so as not to block out natural light when the shade is open.
• Place double-sided sticky tape around areas of the window frame where your cat likes to perch so they don’t get tempted while they’re in viewing distance of their favorite spot (the edge of the windows). You can also use pheromone sprays around these areas if double-sided sticky tape isn’t enough deterrent alone
• Invest in pet proofing products like cat screens which are designed specifically for keeping cats away from windows and other places where they may cause unnecessary destruction such as furniture edges, corners etc., These come in various sizes depending upon what kind of coverage area you need and will provide an extra layer protection against curious kitties!


Keeping cats out of window blinds doesn’t have to be impossible – it just takes some additional effort and consideration on your part! Try different combinations until you find one that works best for both human occupants and furry felines alike!