Can Cats Eat Garlic? The Surprising Answer Every Cat Parent Needs to Know

Can Cats Eat Human Food?

Most people who have cats in their homes are familiar with the phrase “cats can’t eat human food.” However, that saying is not always true. In fact, some types of human food can actually be beneficial for cats to eat on occasion. It’s important to understand which foods are safe and which ones should be avoided altogether when it comes to feeding your kitty.

Nutrition Information

When deciding what sorts of human foods you want to give your cat, it’s important to consider nutritional content and caloric density. Cats need a balanced diet that follows AAFCO guidelines or those recommended by their veterinarian in order to stay healthy and fit. Even if you plan on supplementing with human foods like cooked meats or fish occasionally, make sure they don’t account for more than 10% of your cat’s daily caloric intake since these items are generally much higher in calories than traditional cat-food products.

Safe Human Foods for Cats

While some humans may enjoy snacking on chips and candy bars as an occasional treat, these sorts of processed junk food aren’t suitable for felines either because they lack the essential nutrients needed for optimum health or because cats simply cannot digest them properly without feeling sick afterwards! Here is a list of safe human snacks that cats can enjoy:

– Cooked lean meats (beef, chicken)
– Cooked fish (salmon)
– Eggs (boiled/scrambled)
– Low-fat yogurt/cottage cheese • Cooked vegetables (carrots/sweet potatoes/green beans) • Fruits such as apples/bananas • Small amounts of peanut butter

Foods That Should Be Avoided

There are certain types of food that should never be given to cats under any circumstances due to toxicity issues or digestive problems associated with them! These include but not limited too: chocolate; grapes & raisins; onions & garlic; alcohol; coffee & tea; xylitol sweetener; macadamia nuts and avocado among others . Additionally, raw meat carries a risk of bacterial contamination so stick with cooked options only when giving treats from your plate!

Conclusion While there may be some exceptions when it comes down to eating certain things safely , overall , you will want keep a close eye on what kind treats you give kitty from time time . If unsure about anything specific , contact vet discuss further before attempting feed pet something outside normal diet regimen .