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Do Abyssinian Cats Like to Be Held?

Abyssinian cats have a long and distinguished history. Brought to Europe from the Middle East in the 19th century, these cats were prized for their exotic beauty and intelligence. This is still true today; Abyssinians are often referred to as “the supermodel among cat breeds.” But what about their temperament? Do they like to be held or cuddled?

A Closer Look at this Cat Breed’s Personality

Generally speaking, Abyssinians are an affectionate breed of cat with a playful streak. They tend to be very curious and active, so it’s no surprise that many owners find them quite enjoyable companions. As far as being handled goes, though – do they actually enjoy it?

The answer is yes…to some extent! It really depends on the individual cat’s personality. For example, some may not mind being picked up and carried around from time-to-time while others may actively seek out human affection by jumping into laps or kneading blankets with their paws! Regardless of which end of the spectrum your particular Abyssinian falls into, allowing them plenty of space during times when you’re not paying attention will help ensure that both you and your kitty stay happy together in the long run.

Tips for Handling Your Cat Properly

When handling any type of domesticated animal – including cats -it’s important to remember that they can become easily stressed if handled too roughly or if subjected to sudden movements that make them feel uncomfortable or threatened. With that in mind: here are some tips for properly handling an Abyssinian should you choose to do so:

• Make sure your hands are clean before petting/holding your kitty – this will help protect against spreading germs between humans & animals alike!

• Talk softly & gently when approaching them – using a soothing voice helps put cats at ease during contact with humans

• Move slowly when picking up/putting down & carry comfortably – abrupt motions can startle even well-socialized cats

• Give regular breaks throughout playtime/petting sessions– don’t overstimulate kitties by keeping contact going for too long without giving them time away from human interaction!

• Pay attention for signs of distress– if your cat shows signs like growling/hissing then respect those boundaries & stop immediately (this could indicate discomfort)

By applying these tips consistently whenever interacting with an Abyssinian (or any other kind!) you’ll soon build trust between yourself & your feline friend resulting in more positive experiences overall—and hopefully lots more cuddles too!