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Cats are beloved by many as loyal and cuddly companions, but unfortunately they can also be quite a nuisance when it comes to odors. Cat urine in particular is notorious for its pungent smell that can linger long after the accident has occurred. This is especially true if the cat urine gets into an area of your home such as a crawl space where there is limited ventilation. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to quickly and effectively remove the cat urine smell from your crawl space.

Steps for Removing Cat Urine Smell from Crawl Space

The first step to removing cat urine odor from your crawl space is to locate and clean up any visible messes left behind by your pet. Use paper towels or rags to soak up any wet spots and dispose of them in an outdoor trash bin once finished. It’s important not to use anything with strong bleach or ammonia-based cleaners on these areas as these will only worsen the smell instead of eliminating it altogether.

Next, use a blacklight flashlight (UV light) along with protective gloves and face mask over mouth/nose area while searching through the dark spaces within your crawlspace for any lingering stains or deposits left behind by cats spraying inside this area (note: all pets should be removed before entering this area). If you find any spots, spray them down liberally with an enzymatic cleaner designed specifically for pet messes; let sit 5 minutes then blot dry using paper towels or rags followed by another round of cleaning – repeat until stain no longer appears under UV light illumination and smells dissipate substantially following each round of cleaning/drying process completed throughout entire room/area being cleaned out within crawls pace itself – whether walls floor etc…
Once all visible stains have been addressed, it’s time move onto deodorizing! This can be done using natural methods such as white vinegar mixed with water sprayed throughout entire room at 1:1 ratio OR commercial grade deodorizers made specifically for pet odors available at most stores that sell pet supplies – both options work great however some people prefer one over another based on individual preferences & needs so make sure try out few different products see which works best before settling final decision! Finally, consider investing quality air purifier equipped activated carbon filters help reduce remaining airborne particles trapped within enclosed environment created by crawls pace itself thereby providing additional layer protection against potential recurrence future incidents related bad odor problems caused due presence animals indoors living quarters…


Removing cat urine odor from a crawl space may seem like an overwhelming task but don’t worry – it’s not impossible! By locating visible messes, treating them with enzyme cleaners followed up by deodorizing agents either homemade or store-bought solutions – you’ll soon have removed the unpleasant odors plaguing your home without too much effort spent making happen! Additionally adding air purifier equipped activated carbon filter offer extra layer defense against further incidence recurring issues associated presence indoor pets living quarters so definitely worth considering investment piece equipment if haven’t already done so already anyways hope found article helpful happy stench free days ahead 🙂