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Can Cats Eat Guava?

Cats are known for their curiosity and wide range of food preferences. But can cats eat guava? It turns out that the answer is yes, but only in moderation.

What is Guava?

Guavas are tropical fruits native to Central America, Mexico, and South America. They come in many varieties with different shapes, sizes and colors. The most common variety has a green skin with white or pink flesh inside. Depending on the type of guava you get, it can also have yellow or orange-colored flesh.

Guavas are packed with nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iron and other antioxidants which make them very beneficial for humans to consume regularly when eaten in moderation . They also contain dietary fiber which helps promote digestion health. Additionally they can be used topically to reduce inflammation from wounds due to its natural antiseptic properties – however this should not be done without consulting your veterinarian first before applying any topical treatments on your pet cat’s skin or fur coat!

How Much Can My Cat Eat?

When considering whether it’s ok for cats to eat guavas the key thing is moderation – like all human foods they should never take up more than 10% of your cat’s daily calorie intake (which equates roughly 2 tablespoons per day). When feeding your cat guava make sure you remove all seeds as these tend to cause digestive issues if ingested by cats; additionally ensure that you feed them ripe pieces over unripe ones so that their bodies don’t suffer any adverse reactions due to high levels of tannins within unripe fruit pieces .

Are There Any Health Benefits For Cats From Eating Guavas? Yes! Guava contains Vitamin C which helps strengthen a cat’s immune system while also containing dietary fiber which assists digestions health; lastly its anti-inflammatory property makes it ideal for reducing swelling from open wounds thus promoting healing faster after an injury has occurred . In addition since guavas contain no sugar whatsoever there really isn’t anything else bad about giving these treats once every so often , making them an excellent snack option if looking something natural yet nutritious !