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What Makes a Cat Hypoallergenic?

When it comes to cats, there is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic breed. However, some cats have been found to produce less allergens than other breeds. These cats are usually referred to as “hypoallergenic” or “low allergen”. The main source of allergies in cats is the Fel d1 protein which is secreted in their saliva and distributed by their skin and fur through grooming, scratching and shedding. Cats with lower levels of this protein can therefore cause fewer allergic reactions when around people with cat allergies.

Are Abyssinian Cats Hypoallergenic?

The short answer is that no, Abyssinian cats are not typically considered hypoallergenic due to their high level of Fel d1 proteins compared to other breeds of cat. This does not mean that they will necessarily trigger an allergic reaction in everyone who has cat allergies but certainly those with severe allergy may experience a reaction when exposed to an Abyssinian cat for long periods or if they have contact with its fur or saliva (including through petting).

Can Allergies be Managed Around an Abyssinian Cat?

It is possible for someone who suffers from mild cat allergies to manage them effectively while living with an Abyssinian cat by taking preventative measures such as frequent vacuuming, brushing the coat regularly outside the house and using air purifiers within your home environment. Furthermore, ensuring your kitty has regular baths can help reduce the spread of allergens around your house too! If you’re still worried about how your family will cope then it might also be worth talking to your doctor first before getting an Abyssinian kitty so that you can plan ahead on how best manage any potential symptoms associated with living alongside one.