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Tabby cats have long been a part of the American household. Known for their distinctive stripes, tabby cats are beloved by many as loyal and affectionate companions. In addition to being a popular pet, tabby cats also come in different breeds, including the American Shorthair (ASH). This breed is known for its adaptability to both indoor and outdoor environments and its temperament that makes it an excellent companion animal. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what sets apart American Shorthair Tabby cats from other breeds of tabbies and why they make such great pets.


The American Shorthair cat is one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds in North America, having first been developed by colonists who arrived in America from Europe in the 1600s. The original settlers brought with them shorthaired cats which were bred with local feral cats to create the original ASH breed. These early ASHs were valued for their strong hunting instincts which made them ideal mousers on farms and ships alike. Over time, these hardy felines adapted to life indoors as well as outdoors, becoming family members rather than workers or barn animals in most cases.


American Shorthairs generally have a robust body type that falls somewhere between compactly built but not overly muscular like some larger breeds such as Maine Coons or Persians can be. They tend to weigh anywhere from 8-12 lbs (3-5kg) when full grown depending on gender and diet among other factors . As far as fur goes , there are two types : short haired coats like those found on your classic brown mackerel tabby (striped patterns ) & longhaired coats seen most often on silver tabbies . Regardless of coat length , all tabbies will have striped markings running along the sides & back legs plus small spots around their face & underbelly area . It’s common for ASH Tabbies to have strong eye coloration ranging from yellowish green/golden hues all the way up through deep copper tones depending upon individual genetics & environment exposure levels over time .


American Shorthairs are known for being laid-back yet playful at times – making them an ideal choice if you’re looking for a feline friend who won’t demand too much attention but still loves cuddles! They tend to adjust fairly quickly into any home situation given enough patience during introductions so don’t hesitate if you need something more low key than say a Bengal or Siamese . Depending upon how much physical activity your pet receives each day , they’ll likely sleep longer hours than expected during daylight periods but should still remain alert whenever things start moving around – especially food! All jokes aside though , overall these guys usually maintain quite even tempered dispositions regardless of age/sex/activity level – just give ’em plenty love & regular brushing sessions when needed !


In conclusion , it’s easy to see why so many people enjoy owning Tabby Cats – particularly those belonging specifically within the American Shorthair Breed! With their unique personalities combined capable bodies perfecting suited toward both indoor /outdoor living situations; these kitties really do make wonderful additions towards any family setting ! So if you’re searching out suitable four legged friends then look no further than here – chances are you’ll find exactly what fits your needs !