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What Causes Your Cat to Pee on Towels?

Cats are notoriously finicky creatures, and they don’t always act in ways that make sense to us. One of their more frustrating behaviors is peeing on towels. Though it can seem like a random behavior, there are a few reasons why your cat may be choosing this particular item for its bathroom habits.

Marking Territory

Felines are territorial animals, and the scent of urine is one way for them to mark a space as theirs. If your cat has multiple litter boxes, or if other cats have been inside the home recently, your pet may feel the need to establish who owns which areas of the house by claiming them with their scent. Cats typically use items that smell familiar—such as towels you use frequently—for this purpose because those smells already belong to someone they consider part of their group; when they add their own scent onto it, they send a message that everyone else belongs too.


Many cats rely on routines and familiarity in order to stay comfortable in their environment; any sudden changes can often lead to stress-driven behaviours such as urinating outside of the litter box (including on towels). Even something small like rearranging furniture or bringing home an unfamiliar guest could trigger fear-based reactions from your pet if not handled properly with patience and understanding. Be sure to pay close attention for signs of stress whenever introducing something new into the household and take steps immediately towards calming nervousness if needed – providing plenty of places for hiding away from potential sources of anxiety is key here!

Medical Issues

Though rarer than behavioural causes listed above, medical issues should never be ruled out either when trying to identify why does my cat pee on towels . Urine marking might be due issues such as urinary tract infections or kidney stones which cause intense discomfort during urination resulting in abnormal locations being chosen instead (like soft fabrics). A trip over-the-counter antibiotics prescribed by vet after examination will usually help solve these problems quickly so it’s worth getting checked just incase!

In conclusion, there could be several reasons why your cat chooses unusual places like towels for eliminating waste: marking territory due its territorial nature; responding negatively towards stressful situations; or even having some underlying medical issue causing pain while using traditional bathrooms spots like litterboxes etc… No matter what root cause lies at heart though – addressing problem promptly & effectively through proper diagnosis & treatment plan formulated together with veterinarian will almost guarantee successful resolution so don’t hesitate reaching out professional help whenever uncertain about situation!