Can Cats Eat Saltine Crackers? Here’s What You Need to Know

As a cat owner, we always want to make sure that our furry little friends are getting the right nutrition they need. However, there may be times when we can’t resist sharing our snacks with them. Saltine crackers are one of the most common snacks that people enjoy and it’s not uncommon for us to wonder if cats can eat them too.

Are saltine crackers safe for cats?

The answer is yes, cats can technically eat saltine crackers but it’s not recommended as a part of their regular diet. Saltine crackers are made from wheat flour, water, yeast, and salt which makes them high in carbohydrates and sodium. While small amounts won’t likely cause any harm to your feline friend, feeding too many could lead to health issues such as obesity or digestive problems.

Moreover, excessive intake of sodium may also lead to dehydration which could ultimately pose a serious threat to your cat’s overall wellbeing. It’s important then that you give your cat plain unsalted versions instead if you really insist on giving them this snack.

What should I feed my cat instead?

If you’re looking for healthy treats for your kitty, there are plenty of options available! Some examples include:

1) Cooked Meat – Cats love meat because it’s packed with protein which they need in order to maintain good health. Just make sure it’s cooked properly without any spices or seasoning

2) Fish – Fresh fish like tuna or salmon (in moderation) would also make great treats since they’re naturally rich in Omega-3 fatty acids

3) Fruits & Vegetables – Although it seems unlikely at first glance but some fruits such as bananas or vegetables like carrots could be enjoyed by select breeds!

4) Commercial Cat Treats – Remember though that manufacturers have formulated these products so each pack has only appropriate levels needed without compromising quality taste-wise making them perfect treats more than human food alternatives


In summary,treats do play a role in our cat’s diet but it’s always best to give them what they actually need rather than what we think might taste good. Although saltine crackers are technically safe for cats, it should only be given sparingly if at all. By providing them with a healthy and balanced diet that meets their nutritional needs coupled with regular exercise, you’ll ensure your pet lives a longer and healthier life!