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Giving birth can be a taxing experience for cats and severely impact their health. After giving birth, some cats may become very thin or even lose weight due to a variety of factors. It is important to understand why this happens so that the cat can receive proper care and nutrition during its recovery period. In this blog post, we will discuss why cats become skinny after giving birth and what steps should be taken to ensure the cat’s well-being in the postpartum period.

Reasons Why Cats Become Skinny After Giving Birth

There are several reasons why cats may become skinny after giving birth, including:
• Poor Nutrition – During pregnancy, many cats do not get enough nutrients from their diet which can lead to poor health during the postpartum period as they try to recover lost energy stores;
• Hormonal Changes – Hormonal changes experienced by nursing mothers often result in decreased appetite which can cause them to lose weight;
• Stressful Environment – A stressful environment where there is little social contact with other animals or people can increase stress hormones leading to further weight loss;
• Physical Exertion – The physical exertion associated with labor and delivery put a tremendous strain on pregnant cats which often results in reduced body fat levels immediately following childbirth. .

How To Help Cats Regain Weight

It is important for pet owners of newly delivered moms to help them gain back any lost weight as soon as possible. Here are some tips that you should consider when trying to help your cat regain her pre-pregnancy size:

• Offer Nutritious Food – Provide your cat with nutritionally balanced meals regularly throughout the day rather than just once daily;

• Monitor Eating Habits – Pay close attention to how much food your cat eats so you know if she needs more or less food at mealtime;

• Supplement Treats – Providing healthy treats such as canned tuna or cooked chicken will help increase calorie intake without putting too much strain on digestion;

• Give Vitamin Supplements – Vitamins containing omega fatty acids like flaxseed oil are beneficial for helping mom replenish energy stores naturally;

• Reduce Stressors– Creating an environment free from loud noise and commotion will reduce stress levels allowing mom time for restorative sleep which helps regulate metabolism.


Being aware of why cats become skinny after giving birth and taking appropriate measures such as providing nutritious foods supplemented by vitamins and reducing environmental stressors can all contribute towards helping mom regain pre-pregnancy body shape quickly afterwards. Keeping an eye on eating habits while remaining patient throughout her recovery process are also key components of ensuring good health in new moms!