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Can Cats Die From Covid?

The novel coronavirus, otherwise known as Covid-19, has caused an unprecedented level of disruption and concern around the world as it continues to spread. As humans work to protect themselves from the virus with preventative measures such as social distancing, face coverings and hand-washing, many are also wondering if their beloved pets can contract the virus too. While there is still much research being conducted on this topic, new evidence suggests that cats may be susceptible to contracting the virus in some cases. This raises a legitimate concern: Can cats die from Covid?

What We Know So Far About Cats and Covid

In early 2020, several reports emerged indicating that cats may be able to catch the novel coronavirus. In April of 2020 a Bengal cat living in Belgium was found to have contracted SARS-CoV-2 – the specific strain responsible for causing Covid 19 – after having contact with its owner who had been diagnosed with COVID-19 2 weeks prior. The cat’s case is one of only a few confirmed cases in which it appears that transmission between human beings and felines has taken place; however despite this discovery there is still much unknown about how easily or often this type of infection can occur.

Are Cats More Susceptible To Contracting The Virus?

At present researchers believe that cats are not more prone than other animal species when it comes to catching covid but they do require special attention since similar symptoms (such as coughing) can indicate an underlying health condition instead of an SARS CoV 2 infection should they arise. Additionally while scientists have identified traces of antibodies in some animals (including cats) exposed to infected individuals these do not necessarily suggest immunity since antibody levels vary across species so further studies must continue before any conclusions can be drawn confidently regarding feline susceptibility or resistance towards contracting covid 19 infections like humans exhibit .

What Are The Symptoms Of Covid In Cats?

If your cat has contracted SARS CoV 2 , you might notice certain signs associated with respiratory illness such as difficulty breathing , sneezing , nasal discharge or eye discharge . Additionally some less common symptoms include fever , lethargy , loss of appetite or sudden weight loss . These symptoms should never be ignored so always consult your vet if you suspect anything out of ordinary occurring within your pet even if there isn’t any obvious sign pointing towards corona virus related health issues !

How To Protect Your Cat From Coronavirus: