Can Cats Have Plantain Chips? The Surprising Answer Every Pet Parent Should Know

Can Cats Lick Graham Crackers?

The short answer is yes, cats can lick graham crackers. As long as your cat is healthy and the cracker isn’t sweetened with anything that might be potentially harmful to them, it’s perfectly safe for them to have a few licks of this snack food.

However, just because something is technically safe for a pet to consume doesn’t always mean it’s the best option. In this case, there are better things you could offer your cat than graham crackers if you want to give them a treat. It’s important to know what’s actually good for cats before offering any human foods as snacks or treats. Let’s take a look at why cats should not eat graham crackers regularly and what they should be eating instead.

Why You Should Not Give Your Cat Graham Crackers

Graham crackers are usually made with wheat flour, butter or oil, sugar, baking soda or powder and sometimes honey – none of which offer much nutrition for cats nor help meet their daily caloric requirements since these ingredients contain mostly carbohydrates rather than protein and fat (which cats need). Plus some store-bought brands may also include chocolate chips as an extra ingredient which could make your kitty sick if ingested in large quantities due to its potential toxicity levels in animals such as dogs and cats (depending on the type/brand). Additionally, most store-bought varieties come pre-sweetened so those should definitely be avoided when considering giving something like this as an occasional treat or snack choice for felines. Finally almost all packaged graham cracker products tend to contain preservatives – not great if you’re looking out for health benefits!

What Should You Feed Your Cat Instead?

It’s generally recommended that felines get around 30% of their daily calories from meat proteins while only 10% comes from carbohydrates (such as grains found in many processed snacks like graham crackers). Therefore even though it’s okay once in awhile if they really want one of these types of treats – do consider healthier options first such as canned tuna portions without added sauces/oils containing omega 3 fatty acids which are beneficial nutrients for proper growth maintenance along with other vitamins like vitamin A & D3; boiled chicken pieces; cooked eggs etc… All these items provide more natural forms of good quality nutrition than anything prepared commercially that likely contains excessive levels sodium chloride amongst other additives necessary during production processes but not necessarily healthy ones!