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What is A Burmese Cat?

Burmese cats are a breed of domestic cat originally from Myanmar. The individual fur of the Burmese cat is usually medium length, smooth-textured and glossy in appearance. They come in three different colors: sable, champagne and platinum. This type of cat has been around for centuries but it was not until 1930 when the first Burmeses were imported to America that they became popular companions for many people across the country.

Are Burmese Cats Rare?

The short answer is yes, Burmese cats are considered rare due to their limited breeding population compared to other breeds like Persian or Siamese cats. For example, there are only about 3,000 registered purebreds worldwide which makes them much less common than other breeds out there today. However, this rarity also adds an appeal to many potential owners who want something unique in their household as well as being able to own a piece of history with these beautiful animals!

How Much Do They Cost?

The cost associated with purchasing a purebred Burmese can range anywhere between $1k – $5k depending on its age and gender along with other factors such as bloodlines and show quality prospects etc.. It should be noted however that any reputable breeder will likely require proper documentation (vet records) before finalizing sale so buyers should definitely keep this into account when looking at potential purchases!


In conclusion, while it is true that these elegant felines may not be particularly cheap nor abundant on the market – owning one could surely be described as quite unique experience for any pet owner alike! After all what better way than having an ancient pedigree lineage in your home?!