Surprising Benefits of Letting Your Cat Lick Graham Crackers

Can Cats Have Grits?

Grits, a popular dish in Southern United States cuisine, is made from boiled cornmeal. It’s a simple and tasty meal that many people enjoy for breakfast or as a side dish with dinner. But can cats eat grits? The answer is no—cats should not have grits.

Why Can’t Cats Have Grits?

As omnivores, cats can generally eat some foods outside of their regular diet. However, grits are one food item you should avoid giving to your cat because it is difficult for them to digest and can cause upset stomach or other digestive issues if they consume too much of it. Additionally, grits are high in carbohydrates which could lead to an unhealthy weight gain if given regularly as treats to your feline friend.

What Foods Are Safe For Cats To Eat?

The safest option when feeding your cat is always going to be specially formulated cat food available at pet stores and veterinarians’ offices. This type of food contains all the necessary nutrients for your cat’s health such as proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals specifically designed for felines needs so that they get everything they need without having any negative reactions from consuming human foods like grits or other non-nutritional items like candy or chips which may contain dangerous ingredients such as sugar additives that could be detrimental their wellbeing over time.
In addition to specially formulated kibble for cats there are also wet canned foods which offer additional moisture content but still adhere to the same nutritional requirements of commercial dry food; however these require refrigeration after opening so make sure you store any leftovers properly in order prevent spoilage due tox bacteria growth inside the container itself! You can also give cooked lean meats such as chicken breast (no skin) cut into small pieces – just be sure not too add salt/seasoning before serving since this could cause dehydration symptoms in cats due its high sodium content per portion size served up! Lastly fresh fruits & vegetables (i.e applesauce without added sugars) provide essential vitamins & minerals while being low calorie but do keep portions small so their bodies don’t become overwhelmed by large amounts at once – plus avoiding citrus varieties entirely would be best since those tend trigger nausea quite quickly within felines systems due acidic nature present when consumed raw directly off tree itself!

Overall it’s important always keep safety first when giving out snacks / treats – human grade supplies might seem appealing on surface but ultimately nutrition value found within them will likely leave something lacking compared against what specifically designed meals meant just for cats themselves…so stick with tried true options whenever possible ensuring continued good health throughout lifetime ownership shared between both parties involved: Owners + Furry Friends included alike 😉