Cats’ Vision Exposed: Do Cats See Colors?

Cats are fascinating creatures that have been domesticated for thousands of years. They are known to be intelligent, curious, and playful animals that make great companions. One question that many people have about cats is whether or not they can see color. In this blog post, we will explore the answer to this question in-depth.

What do we know about cat vision?

To understand whether or not cats can see color, it is important to first understand how their vision works. Cats have a unique visual system that allows them to see well in low light conditions and detect movement quickly. However, their ability to distinguish different colors has long been debated.

It is believed that cats have dichromatic vision, which means they only have two types of cone cells in their eyes. Cone cells are responsible for detecting colors and differentiating between them. Humans, on the other hand, have three types of cone cells which allow us to perceive a wide range of colors.

Can cats see any colors?

While cats may only have two types of cone cells compared to humans’ three types, it does not mean they cannot see any colors at all. It has been suggested that cats can differentiate between some shades of blue and green but may struggle with reds and oranges due to the lack of corresponding cone cell receptors in their eyes.

However, it is important to note that studies examining cat’s color perception are limited by the fact that they rely on behavioral responses such as conditioning techniques rather than self-reporting from the animal itself.

Do colorful toys attract cats?

Despite their potential inability to distinguish between certain hues like reds and oranges accurately; many cat owners report seeing their feline friends playing with brightly colored toys such as yarn balls or feathers attached onto sticks.

This could be because these objects appeal more so visually than say something duller like gray fabric scraps or plain wooden sticks. Additionally, the way a toy moves or reflects light could also factor into its attraction to a feline.


In conclusion, while cats may not have the same degree of color vision as humans do; they are still able to differentiate between some colors such as blues and greens. Furthermore, whether or not a colorful object appeals to your cat is subjective and requires individual observation. Whether it’s flashy toys or plain old boxes, what matters most is that your furry friend has something fun to play with whilst keeping entertained for hours on end!