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What is a British Shorthair Cat?

The British Shorthair Cat, often referred to as the BSH or Brit, is a medium-sized cat breed that originated in Great Britain. They have thick and dense fur coats, short legs, round faces with big eyes and ears set low on their head. The tail of the British Shorthair usually has a blunt tip. While they come in many different colors and patterns, this breed typically appears with an overall grayish-blue coloration known as “British Blue”.

Are British Shorthair Cats Affectionate?

Yes! Despite their reputation for being aloof, most British Shorthairs are sweet and very affectionate cats. They tend to be gentle souls who show love in subtle ways like purring loudly when they’re contented or sleeping near you while you read or watch tv. With proper socialization from an early age, these cats can become quite outgoing and friendly towards strangers too!

It also pays to remember that each individual cat may differ from any generalizations made about them – so don’t expect all Brits to share exactly the same personality traits! Some might prefer more independent lives than others and some could even display behaviors more typical of other breeds too!

How To Show Your Affection For Your BSH Cat

When it comes to showing affection for your BSH cat, it helps if you know how he likes to receive attention best – whether it be through petting him gently under his chin or providing him with interactive toys like feather wands to play with together. Additionally try offering treats during training sessions which will reward good behavior as well as bond time between both of you! Finally allot at least 15 minutes everyday specifically devoted just for your furry friend – no matter what else needs doing around the house: cuddle up close on the couch or take him outside (on a leash) for some fresh air exploration; whatever makes your feline happy should always remain priority number one because then you’ll reap all those loving benefits too 🙂