Cat Breeds: The Burmilla

burmilla, cat, kitten-7323201.jpg


“Burmilla” is the European name for a group of cats called “Asian Shorthair” and including the Chantilly/Tiffany and the British cat, the “Tiffanie.” All were crossed with Burmese to obtain their individual looks. Burmillas are the result of mating in England of a lilac Burmese female to a chinchilla Persian male in 1981. They were introduced to North America in 1995.


The Asian Shorthaired cats all have a medium foreign muscular body with long, substantial legs and a moderately long tail. The large, expressive eyes of the Asian Shorthairs are set in a medium wedge head with a short nose. What sets the Burmilla apart, however, is the unique and spectacular shaded or tipped coat. The ground color of the fur is a pure silver-white shaded or tipped in any of the recognized solid or tortoiseshell colors. (Solids: black, blue, brown, chocolate, lilac, red, and cream. Tortoiseshell: red, blue, brown, chocolate or lilac.) The tipped Burmilla is lighter overall than the shaded.


A very affectionate cat, the Burmilla is playful, moderately active and easy-going. The coat needs to be groomed with a rubber brush before combing.