Cat Breeds: The Javanese Cat


Basically a long-haired Balinese (a long-haired Siamese), the Javanese was developed to add additional colors and patterns to the traditional Balinese colors of seal, chocolate, blue and lilac. The breed was created by crossing Balinese with Colorpoint Shorthairs.


Javanese are Balinese with the addition of lynx and tortie points and point colors such as red and cream.


Like the Balinese, Javanese are talkative, active, acrobatic, and affectionate.


Some lines have a tendency toward gingivitis and can have kinked tails and/or crossed eyes.


Only in CFA is the Javanese registered as a separate breed. In all other associations, it is considered a Balinese, Siamese or Colorpoint Longhair.