Cat Breeds: The Siberian


The Siberian is a natural breed from Russia. They were introduced to the United States in 1990 in an exchange that introduced Himalayans to Russia. Purebred Russian Siberians have certification of their authenticity from Russian and all cats and kittens sold as Siberians must have an ancestor with such certification.


Siberians are large (15-20 pounds), heavy-boned, cats whose bodies give the appearance of roundness and circles. The head is a modified wedge with medium-long lynx-tipped ears. Their medium-long hair with a substantial ruff around the neck has a thick undercoat, which requires twice-weekly grooming. The oval eyes are most often yellow/green. Siberians come in all colors and patterns (except pointed), but are most often seen as brown classic or mackerel tabby.


Not a particularly vocal breed, Siberians “talk” in chirps. They are loyal, friendly and protective of their people. They love to climb.


Some lines have a predisposition to umbilical hernias (which are easily corrected with surgery). Kinked tails are also found.