Cat Breeds: The Snowshoe

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Many Siamese at the turn of the century had white markings. These were bred out to create the colorpoint pattern acceptable today. The Snowshoe is bred to resemble the Victorian Siamese by breeding “applehead” Siamese with blue or black bicolored American Shorthairs.


The Snowshoe is a medium-sized, well-balanced, pointed cat, with a long but not extreme body. The head is a modified wedge with medium, slightly rounded ears. The eyes are a brilliant blue and oval in shape. The coat is medium-short and lies close to the body. Basically a pointed cat in all traditional Siamese colors (with seal being the most popular), the Snowshoe has varying degrees of white on the face, chin, chest, stomach and feet.


Snowshoes are playful, athletic, and intelligent, and unlike most Siamese, they enjoy companion animals.


Some cats are prone to kinked tails and/or crossed eyes, but are otherwise hardy.


The Snowshoe is accepted by AACE, ACFA, CFF and TICA.