Do Abyssinian Cats Shed? All You Need to Know Before Adopting


Abyssinian cats are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. These cats have a distinctively sleek, muscular build and a short coat that is said to be low-shedding. However, many potential owners wonder if Abyssinian cats shed like other felines or not.

The Myth of Low-Shedding

While it is true that Abyssinian cats have shorter hair than some other breeds, they are still capable of shedding regularly. In fact, every cat sheds at least a little bit regardless of their breed or coat length. Shedding is simply part of the natural process by which old fur falls out to make way for new growth.

Fur Maintenance Needs

Despite their relatively short coats, Abyssinians do require regular grooming just like any other domesticated feline. This means brushing them several times per week to keep their fur healthy and shiny while also removing loose hairs before they can accumulate around your home.

Factors That Affect Shedding

Several factors play into how much an individual Abyssinian cat will shed throughout its life. Some common variables include:

– Genetics – Certain bloodlines may produce more or less shedding than others.
– Age – Older animals tend to shed less frequently as they age.
– Health – Poor diet or illness can cause excessive shedding in even the healthiest cats.
– Hormones – Changes in hormones due to pregnancy or medical issues can also affect shedding levels.

By taking good care of your pet’s overall health and hygiene through proper nutrition and regular veterinary checkups, you can help minimize unwanted shedding over time.

Cleaning Up After Your Cat’s Shedding

As with any pet that sheds regularly, expect there will be some clean up required around your home from time-to-time especially during seasonal changes when certain coats shed more. Regular vacuuming, sweeping and lint rollers can help keep your floors and furniture free from cat hair debris.


While Abyssinian cats are generally considered low-shedding compared to some other breeds, they still shed like all felines do. Proper grooming, diet and plenty of love will ensure a healthy coat for your furry friend while also keeping cleaning time at bay in your home.