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Shelf Life of Cat Treats

Cats love treats, and giving your cat a treat is one way to show affection and bond with them. However, it’s important to know how long are cat treats good for so that you can keep your feline healthy and safe. This article will cover the shelf life of cat treats and provide tips on storing them properly.

How Long Are Cat Treats Good For?

Generally speaking, most unopened store-bought cat treats have an expiration date printed on the package. It’s important to check this expiration date before feeding your pet any treat; if it has expired or is close to expiring, throw it away as it may contain bacteria that could make your kitty sick.

If the box does not list an expiration date, there are other ways you can determine how long a particular type of treat is good for: Look for a “best by” or “use by” date on the packaging as well as any instructions regarding storage conditions (such as storing in a cool dry place). If these aren’t present either, then you should assume that they will last up to six months after opening them (if stored correctly).
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Storing Cat Treats

No matter what kind of store bought or homemade treat you give your pet, proper storage is key in keeping it fresh longer. Store-bought treats should be kept sealed and placed in a cool dry area such as cupboard or pantry where temperatures don’t fluctuate too much from day to day—this will extend their shelf life considerably! Additionally, make sure these items are not exposed to moisture which could cause molding or spoilage. Homemade snacks like cooked chicken breast strips may only last 1-3 days when refrigerated but if frozen they can usually be consumed within 6 months without losing their flavor or nutritional value; again though remember never feed anything that appears spoiled!