American Shorthair Cats: What You Need to Know About Holding and Cuddling Them

American Shorthair Cats and Their Love for Human Contact

American Shorthair cats are known for their affectionate nature towards humans. They have a gentle personality that is easy to love, which makes them an ideal pet for many people. One of the questions often asked about these feline companions is whether they like to be held or not. In this blog post, we will delve into what American Shorthair cats feel about being held.

Understanding American Shorthair Cat Behaviors

Before getting into the specifics of whether they like being held, it’s important to understand some behaviors typically exhibited by American Shorthairs. These cats are generally friendly and sociable animals that enjoy human contact.

However, each cat has its own unique preferences when it comes to interacting with humans. Some may want more attention than others while others may prefer to be left alone altogether.

Do American Shorthairs Like Being Held?

The answer is YES; most American shorthairs do indeed like being held! However, there can be variations in individual preferences among different breeds of cats based on their past experiences and environment.

Being picked up gives your furry companion a sense of security because you’re holding them close enough so that they can hear your heartbeat and feel safe from any potential predators lurking around them.

Also, holding your cat provides an opportunity for bonding as well as physical closeness . It’s also worth noting that some shy or anxious kittens may need more time before feeling comfortable with human touch compared to other confident pets who warm up quickly.

Tips For Holding Your Feline Friend

When picking up your cat make sure you approach gently and slowly so as not to startle or frighten them if they happen to be napping or busy playing with toys.

Secondly , provide support underneath all four paws when lifting them off the ground -this ensures proper balance .

Thirdly ,make sure you hold her securely but also offer room for some movement so that they don’t feel confined.

Fourthly, while holding your cat try to speak softly and pet them gently thus providing reassurance of safety and affection.

Finally, always watch out for any indications of discomfort or resistance from your furry friend as this might lead to scratches or bites.


In conclusion , most American Shorthair cats do in fact enjoy being held up close by their human parents! Cats are social creatures, and these particular felines love interaction with their owners. With a gentle, patient approach and the right amount of attention paid to individual preferences; you will find yourself enjoying a great bond with your fabulous feline companion .