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Do Male Maine Coons Spray?

Maine Coons are a large, fluffy breed of cats that have become incredibly popular in recent years. Their intelligence and friendly personality make them great pet companions, but it is important to know all of their behaviors before deciding whether or not they’re the right fit for you. One behavior that many owners wonder about is if male Maine Coons spray.

What Is Spraying?

Spraying is when a cat marks their territory with urine, usually on vertical surfaces such as walls and furniture. It’s typically seen as an aggressive behavior from cats who feel threatened by another animal or person in their space, though it can also be caused by medical conditions such as urinary tract infections or kidney stones. Unneutered males are more likely to spray than neutered ones due to hormones present in their urine; this is why neutering cats has been recommended as a way to reduce spraying behavior in males.

Do Male Maine Coons Spray?

The short answer is yes – male Maine coons can spray just like any other unneutered male cat can. However, the good news here is that most Maine coon males do not exhibit this behavior once they’ve been neutered early enough (before 6 months old). This means that if you get your male kitten spayed at the appropriate age and provide them with a stress-free environment where they don’t feel threatened, there’s a good chance he won’t ever start spraying regardless of his breed! Neutering will also help prevent unwanted litters which could save you money down the road should your cat wander off looking for female mates outside your home without permission – something all pet parents need to consider when debating whether or not to neuter/spay their beloved fur baby!


Although no one wants their feline friend displaying negative behaviors such as spraying, it’s important to remember that these occurrences are common among unneutered animals – especially those of certain breeds such as maine coon males – so it’s best practice (and much less hassle) for pet owners considering getting a new kitty pal to opt for having him fixed at an early age before any bad habits begin forming!