American Shorthair Cats: Shedding 101 and How to Manage It


The Maine Coon is a popular breed of domestic cats, known for their large size and intelligence. They are friendly and affectionate companions, perfect for those looking for a pet with personality and charm. As such, it’s important to know what a Maine Coon should eat in order to ensure its health and well-being. In this blog post we will discuss the diet of Maine Coons in detail so you can provide your cat with the best possible nutrition.

What Should A Maine Coon Eat?

Maine Coons need high-quality food that is specially formulated for their unique dietary needs. The best foods contain ample amounts of proteins from animal sources such as chicken or turkey, as well as essential fatty acids to keep the coat glossy and healthy-looking. It’s also important to look for foods that don’t contain fillers or byproducts which can be unhealthy for cats over time. Wet food should make up about one third of a Maine coon’s daily diet since they need plenty of moisture since they have long fur coats which can lead them to become dehydrated quickly if left unchecked. Dry kibble should make up the rest of the diet – however it’s important not to skimp on quality here either; choose premium kibble specifically designed with cats in mind instead of generic brands found at supermarkets (which may contain too many preservatives). Avoid feeding your cat table scraps – these usually lack necessary nutrients, plus they tend to contribute towards weight gain due obesity problems down the line.

How Much Food Does A Main Coon Need?

When it comes to how much food a Maine coon needs per day, there isn’t an exact answer since each individual cat will have different energy levels depending on age, activity level etc., but generally speaking most cats need between 30-40 calories per pound body weight (for example – an 8 lb male would require around 240-320 calories per day). An easy way to ensure that your cat is receiving enough nourishment without overfeeding them is by using preportioned meals split into two main feeds throughout the day: one before breakfast time and another after dinner/bedtime depending on when you feed your beloved feline friend normally! If you find yourself struggling with portion control then measuring cups are available online which can help take some guesswork out off meal planning – just remember never leave any uneaten wet food out overnight as bacteria growth could occur while it sits out all night!


In conclusion, providing adequate nutrition for our furry friends requires careful consideration; thankfully this isn’t too hard once we understand exactly what a maine coon needs from its diet – high quality protein rich meals supplemented by wet food every now & again (with extra attention paid towards portion control!). With proper care & attentiveness from humans owners like us though our four legged pals will stay healthy & happy!