Can Cats Eat Ducklings? What You Should Know Before Feeding Your Feline Friend

What Does a Duckling Eat?

Ducklings are young waterfowl that need to be fed nutritious foods in order to grow and develop properly. A duckling’s primary source of nutrition comes from its mother’s milk, which is high in protein and fat. In addition to this, they can be given commercial food formulated specifically for chicks or ducklings as well as insects, worms, fish, crustaceans and certain plants.

Can Cats Eat Ducklings?

The short answer is no – cats cannot eat ducklings. While cats may have an instinctive desire to hunt small animals such as rodents and birds, it does not mean that they should be allowed to do so freely. Domestic cats are carnivores but their diet should consist mainly of prepared cat food rather than live prey such as ducklings. Furthermore, feeding your cat with wild-caught animals could expose them to parasites or other diseases which can cause serious health problems for your pet. Not only would it be cruel for the duckling itself but also risky for the cat’s health due to potential pathogens present in the meat of wild animals.


In summary, while cats may instinctively want to hunt smaller creatures like ducks and their offspring (ducklings), it is important not to encourage this behavior by allowing them access or providing these type of meals on a regular basis. It could pose serious risks both for the safety of the animal itself as well as any humans who might come into contact with it afterwards due to potential parasites or other diseases present in wild meats such as those provided by baby ducks (ducklings).