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How Long Is a Cat Pregnant?

Cats are some of the most popular and beloved pets in the world. Much like humans, cats can become pregnant if not spayed or neutered—but how long does it take for a cat to have kittens?

The answer depends on two key factors: breed and litter size. Generally, cats will be pregnant for around 63-66 days (or nine weeks). However, certain breeds may carry their young for an additional 7-10 days. For example, Siamese cats tend to carry their litters longer than other breeds.

When it comes to litter size, this too can affect the length of pregnancy. Single pregnancies usually take less time than multiple pregnancies; larger litters can push out the timeline by 1-3 days per kitten being carried. On average though, expectant mothers should plan on carrying their kittens anywhere from 58-72 days (8-10 weeks).

Signs of Pregnancy in Cats

In order to determine if your female cat is expecting kittens, look out for these common signs:

* Weight gain—you may notice that your pet has put on more pounds compared to her regular weight before pregnancy; you may also feel bumps underneath her fur as she carries her kittens inside her belly

* Changes in appetite—most expectant mother cats eat more during their pregnancies and will often want food at odd hours throughout day and night; you might also find that she craves specific foods more than usual

* Nipple enlargement—your cat’s nipples swell up when she becomes pregnant as they prepare for nursing once the babies arrive! This change typically occurs about 4 weeks into gestation period

* Nesting behavior—cats naturally begin building nests or looking for cozy spots around your home with soft materials so they can give birth comfortably; this urge usually kicks in towards end of third trimester/beginning fourth trimester

* Mood swings—just like human moms-to-be experience emotional shifts during pregnancy due hormones released by body (like oxytocin), so do cats who might become snappy one moment then cuddly next minute!

What To Do If Your Cat Is Pregnant

If your feline friend shows any signs that could indicate a possible pregnancy, contact your veterinarian right away! A professional will be able to confirm whether or not she’s expecting through ultrasound or physical exam. They’ll also provide advice on what steps you should take next including special diet requirements and monitoring prenatal care until delivery date arrives. Additionally, consider properly preparing yourself prior birthing day by gathering supplies such as towels/blankets (for comfort) plus heating pad/hot water bottles which help regulate temperature while mom delivers pups safely at home!