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Why Does My Cat Sniff My Hair?

If you’ve ever been perplexed as to why your furry feline companion loves to sniff your hair, you are not alone. Cats possess a powerful sense of smell that they use in a variety of ways and this includes sniffing their humans! However, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to cats and their olfactory explorations into our scalp. Let’s take a closer look at why cats might be so interested in the smells coming from our heads.

Cats Use Their Sense Of Smell To Greet Others

The primary reason for cats sniffing us is due to the fact that they use scent as an important form of communication with one another and other species. By getting close enough to sniff out scents on another cat or human, felines can learn about who we are and how we feel. This allows them to identify friends from strangers easily without having any physical contact beforehand. Additionally, if your cat has rubbed against your head or face before smelling you, then this is likely because it was marking its territory (you!) with its own unique scent by rubbing its cheeks against yours – something known as ‘bunting’ which is usually done between friendly cats too!

A Cat’s Nose Is Highly Sensitive

Another explanation for why your cat may be drawn towards sniffs around your head area could also have something to do with how sensitive their noses are compared to ours – after all; cats have up to 200 million receptors inside their nose compared with just 5 million for humans! With such heightened sensitivity comes an insatiable curiosity about different odors; each whiff helping them get familiarized further with whatever has caught their attention in terms of fragrance or pungency. As such, if there’s anything new on our heads like a new shampoo or conditioner product then chances are they will want investigate what changes occurred since last time Interestingly enough however; research suggests that unlike dogs whose olfactory capabilities rely mainly upon detecting airborne particles; cats mostly depend on tasting food items instead due its limited ability in discerning scents via air-borne molecules only!


All things considered therefore; it appears that felines detect certain components within our heads regardless of whether these elements take form through scent molecules detected through air particles or taste sensors located within specialised organs like tongues/paws etc.. In either case though it can help us make sense as too why exactly does my cat keep sniffing my hair?