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Can Cats Eat Gummy Worms?

If you have a cat, chances are you’ve wondered if it’s safe to feed them gummy worms. After all, they look so yummy and cats tend to love sweet things! Unfortunately, even though gummy worms can be tempting for your kitty, they should not be given to cats as part of their regular diet.

Gummy worms and other candy often contain ingredients that are toxic to cats such as xylitol (a sugar-free sweetener) or artificial colors and flavors. Eating large amounts of these ingredients can cause serious health problems in cats including vomiting, diarrhea, decreased appetite/lethargy and liver damage. In addition, the texture of gummies can pose a choking hazard for some pets.

Are There Any Safe Alternatives?

If you want something safer than gummies for your pet cat there are plenty of options available! You can find many commercially available treats specifically designed for cats which contain more natural ingredients like poultry or fish products with added vitamins and minerals. These types of treats may also come in shapes similar to “worms” if that is what appeals best to your pet! Another great option is giving them healthy human foods like cooked chicken breast or boiled fish which have been broken down into small pieces appropriate for kitties like yours – just make sure they don’t contain any garlic or onions which are both poisonous to felines!


All in all it’s important to remember that although our fur babies may seem curious about new edibles – especially when it comes time for snacks – sometimes the best thing we can do is keep those sugary treats out of reach from their paws! Even if the ingredient list doesn’t include anything harmful on paper; it might still pose a choking hazard or become a source of unhealthy weight gain over time duegan its high sugar content – making it less than ideal fare longterm). So while occasional nibbles may be alright every once in awhile please always consult with your veterinarian before feeding anything new regularly just so everyone stays safe 🙂