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Understanding Cat Biscuit Making

Cats are known for their quirky and endearing behaviors, including making what is often referred to as “biscuits”. This behavior involves kneading their paws on soft materials – usually a person or a blanket – alternately pushing down and then pulling back, in a rhythmic pattern. To many cat owners, this behavior can be both cute and perplexing. Why do cats make biscuits?

The answer likely lies in the evolution of cats as animals with an inherent drive to hunt and survive. The biscuit-making behavior has been seen in wildcat species such as lions, which suggests that it was developed long before domesticated cats came into existence. It appears that this instinctive action serves an important purpose related to feline hunting: it helps the cat assess potential prey by releasing scents from glands located between its paw pads. This allows them to determine whether or not the prey is suitable for consumption or capture. In essence, biscuit-making is an extension of the natural predatory instincts found in all cats!

Why Cats Make Biscuits Around People

In addition to serving a practical purpose when hunting prey, biscuit-making may also serve another more emotional function: providing comfort and security for domestic cats around people they trust (i.e., their human friends). By kneading their paws on us – especially if we provide warmth beneath them – our felines may be reminded of being held by their mothers during kittenhood; something that provides them with feelings of calmness and contentment even years later! In fact, some experts believe this type of tactile stimulation can actually help soothe stressful situations like vet visits, car rides or loud noises at home (such as vacuuming).

Encouraging Appropriate Biscuit Making Behaviors

Cat owners should always remember that this instinctive behavior has great evolutionary benefits for felines; however it can become undesirable when done excessively around humans due to sharp claws causing scratches on skin – particularly if your cat hasn’t had regular nail trims! To prevent any accidental injuries from occurring while still allowing your kitty access to her natural comfort behaviors you might want consider trimming her nails regularly (without cutting too short) or providing her with softer alternatives like blankets or stuffed animal toys she can use instead of people’s skin for kneading purposes! Additionally encouraging other activities such as playtime may also redirect your kitty’s attention away from trying biscuits directly against you whenever possible.

All things considered there are several reasons why cats make biscuits but regardless if these behaviors occur instinctively while they’re hunting outdoors or simply while seeking out affection indoors rest assured it’s just one more endearing trait that makes our furry feline friends so special!