Do Orange Cats Bring Good Luck? Uncovering the Truth Behind This Feline Superstition

Orange cats have been surrounded by myths and superstitions for centuries. One of the most common beliefs is that orange cats bring good luck. While this might sound silly to some people, others genuinely believe in it. In this blog post, we will explore the origin of this belief and see if there’s any truth behind it.

The Origin of Believing Orange Cats Bring Good Luck

One theory about why orange cats are considered lucky is based on ancient Egyptian mythology. The Egyptians believed that cats were sacred animals, and they worshipped them as gods. In particular, they revered the goddess Bastet, who was often depicted as a woman with a cat’s head.

Bastet was associated with many things – including fertility, motherhood, music and dance – but she was also seen as a protector against evil spirits. It wasn’t uncommon for Egyptian households to keep an orange cat around because they believed it would bring them good fortune and protect their home from harm.

Another theory suggests that orange cats’ association with good luck comes from their colouring itself. The bright and bold shade of orange is often associated with positivity and happiness; therefore, having an orange cat around could bring joy into your life.

However, these theories aren’t backed by scientific evidence or proven facts; instead rely more on cultural beliefs passed down through history.

Are Orange Cats Really Lucky?

While it may be fun to indulge in superstitions like believing in lucky charms or rituals to ward off bad luck – there isn’t any concrete evidence pointing towards actual ‘luck.’ It’s all subjective based on personal experiences and perspective!

So when considering whether or not owning an orange cat can actually make you lucky- well that really depends on your outlook! Studies show pet owners tend to live happier lives due to companionship which could lead some individuals potentially feeling ‘lucky’.


There’s no denying the beauty of an enthusiastic feline companion- especially if tangerine fur is involved! While there isn’t any scientific evidence to support the idea that owning an orange cat brings good luck, this belief has existed for centuries, and many people still hold it true today.

Ultimately, whether you believe in it or not is up to you! But regardless of your beliefs- one thing’s certain: A happy cat will always bring positivity into your life.