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What is a Horny Cat?

When it comes to cats, there are many phrases that get thrown around without fully understanding their meaning. One of the most common and confusing ones is “horny cat.” While we may all know what this phrase means when applied to humans, cats don’t quite work in the same way. So why do people say this about cats and what does it actually mean?

Understanding Heat Cycles

The key to understanding why your cat might be horny lies in her heat cycle. Cats (both male and female) can become sexually mature as early as just a few months old, depending on their breed. As they reach sexual maturity, they will enter into a period called estrus or heat where they experience physical changes such as increased vocalization and spraying that signify sexual readiness. During this time period, cats become much more active than normal and are driven by hormones to seek out mates for reproduction purposes. This is commonly referred to as being “in heat” or “being horny.”

Signs of Heat Cycles

There are many signs you can look for if you suspect your cat might be entering into its first heat cycle:

Increased vocalization: You may hear your cat meowing more often than usual or making louder noises overall; sometimes even calling out during the night!

Spraying: Your cat may start urine marking inside the house with strong-smelling pheromones which serve as an invitation for other cats looking for mating partners.

Restlessness/Hyperactivity: Your kitty’s behavior will change significantly during her estrus period — she’ll likely become restless and highly energetic at times due to hormonal imbalances which cause her body temperature to rise! She’ll also spend more time grooming herself than usual too.

Attraction towards males & courting behaviors: If other males come around while she’s in heat, you may notice your feline becoming overly friendly towards them – rubbing against them affectionately or rolling over onto her back in submission position (which signals sexual availability). Additionally she may also wander off from home frequently in search of potential mating partners nearby…so beware!

How Can I Stop My Cat From Being Horny?

If you’re concerned about unwanted pregnancies or simply want to avoid having your female kitty go through cyclical bouts of mood swings due to hormone fluctuations then spaying is probably the best option available – it involves surgically removing both ovaries so that no eggs are released each month thus preventing any breeding activity from taking place whatsoever.. Spayed females will remain calmer & less aggressive compared with non-spayed ones plus they won’t feel compelled anymore either! However, bear in mind that once spayed there’s no turning back – so make sure you’ve weighed up all pros & cons before deciding if this method suits both yourself AND your pet.*