Tabby Cat Care: How to Manage Shedding and Keep Your House Fur-Free


Cats and reptiles are not natural friends, but they can coexist peacefully if proper precautions are taken. If you have a reptile cage in your home, it is important to make sure your cat does not disturb or even harm the animal inside. In this blog post, we will discuss some methods for keeping cats away from reptile cages and out of harm’s way.

Remove Cat Attractants

The first step in preventing cats from bothering reptile cages is to remove anything that would be attractive to them. Cats are drawn to heat and movement, so any items placed near the cage should be checked for these qualities. For example, rocks heated by a lamp may draw curious cats who want to explore their warmth and texture. Similarly, some decorations like vines or real plants may look too much like prey animals to resist chasing after them. Place these items far away from the cage where they won’t draw attention from your pet feline.

Close Openings & Cover Cage Top

It is also important to check that all openings on the sides of the cage are sealed off with something sturdy enough that no cat can get their paws through it—a screen mesh can work well for this purpose if properly installed around the entire circumference of the enclosure walls as well as its top surface (if applicable). Additionally, covering up at least half of the top surface with something thick enough such as cardboard or plywood helps keep felines out while still allowing sufficient ventilation within enclosed area when needed (e.g., during warmer months).

Discourage Exploration Curiosity

Finally, applying scents associated with danger onto surfaces surrounding reptile enclosures may help discourage further exploration curiosity among cats: pungent citrus Odor sprays (such as lemon-scented ones) can do wonders here; just remember though – these solutions only serve temporary deterrent purposes since felines’ sense organs often become used/accustomed over time due thus requiring reapplication every once in awhile! Also note: never use essential oils directly onto fabrics/materials without diluting first; doing so could cause damage both visually aesthetically plus potentially hazardous health implications down line too!


Keeping cats away from reptile cages takes a combination of preventive measures including removing any attractants near the enclosure area(s), sealing off all openings present along edges & topsurface(s), discouraging further exploration curiosity via scent application around enclosures themselves…and then taking extra steps appropriate whenever necessary afterwards too! Doing all this will ensure safety both between pets involved while helping maintain peace harmony throughout house overall – regardless how many different species reside there together in end 🙂