American Shorthair Cats: How Big Do They Get?

What is a Maine Coon?

Maine Coons are a breed of domestic cats that hail from the state of Maine, in the United States. They are known for their long and thick coats, as well as their larger size compared to other breeds. Maine Coons have been around since at least the 19th century, with records suggesting they were brought over from Europe by ship captains looking for mousers on board their vessels.

Do Maine Coons Have an M on Their Forehead?

The short answer is no. There is no genetic trait or mark that causes all Maine Coon cats to have an “M” shaped marking on their forehead. However, it is not uncommon to see some individual cats with this type of shape on either side of their face or even near the base of the ears. This marking can be caused by a variety of factors including genetics, age and nutrition level during growth periods.

The Myth Behind The M On A Maine Coon’s Forehead

The myth behind why some say that all Maine Coon cats have an “M” shaped marking on their forehead likely comes from two sources – one being folklore related to when these cats first came over to America in ships captained by seafaring men who believed these kittens could help keep rodents away from provisions; the second source has more scientific roots and relates back to European studies conducted in 1999 examining coat markings found among different feline breeds – where researchers noted that some had distinct asymmetric facial markings which resembled letters like ‘M’ shapes across them (which was also seen amongst select specimens belonging to other breeds).


In conclusion, while there may be anecdotal evidence out there regarding certain individual Maine Coons having an “M” shaped pattern somewhere across its face or body region due to environmental/genetic reasons- there is no definitive proof or clear cut consensus amongst experts stating that ALL members within this specific breed feature such unique markings as part of any official standardization efforts made so far!