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The Clowder of Cats

Many think cats are solitary creatures, but when they come together in groups, it’s a sight to behold. Whether you’ve seen cats lounging around the neighborhood or gathered together at a shelter, it begs the question–what is a group of cats called?

Origin and Meaning of ‘Clowder’

The word ‘clowder’ comes from an old English term meaning ‘a clump or cluster’. It was used to refer to any sort of group that came together, including people. Eventually this term was applied specifically to cats as we know today. A clowder can consist of two or more cats and is also sometimes referred to as a clutter or pounce depending on context.

Different Types Of Cat Groups

When many think about cat groups they imagine feral ferals roaming around neighborhoods, but there are actually different types of cat groups: households with multiple pets; large outdoor colonies living in abandoned buildings; and even small gatherings out at night looking for food scraps and attention from kind-hearted onlookers. No matter their size or purpose, each type is still known affectionately as a clowder!

Cats Living In Large Colonies

For many years now feral cat colonies have been popping up all over rural areas and cities alike due to an increase in abandonment rates for domesticated felines that were once beloved family members . These colonies often consist of dozens if not hundreds of homeless cats who live off whatever food may be available through community feeding programs provided by animal shelters , kind individuals , and other organizations . Moreover , these large numbers create strong social bonds between the felines in order for them to survive harsh conditions such as extreme weather changes . They look out for one another like family members – which makes sense since most if not all animals seek companionship whether its humans , dogs , birds etc !

< h2 >Conclusion Whether it’s two kittens cuddling up together under your bedspread or dozens prowling around an urban alleyway late at night , no matter how big the collection may be – there will always be something special about seeing them grouped together like so . And although we may never truly understand why our feline friends find comfort in congregating with one another – we can call them by their proper title : The Clowder Of Cats !