The Ultimate Guide to How Long Cats Live and What You Can Do To Help


Understand the Cause

Cats getting into trash cans is a problem many pet owners face. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to figure out why your cat is doing this in the first place. To keep cats out of trash cans, it’s important to first understand what could be motivating them. Common triggers include boredom and hunger, as cats are naturally curious creatures who enjoy exploring new smells and tastes. If you have an outdoor kitty, they may also be attracted to the food scraps found in your garbage can that other animals have left behind. In addition, cats might see the open lid of a trash can as an invitation for playtime or a chance to hide from potential predators nearby.

Make Your Trash Can Unattractive

Once you know why your cat might be drawn to your garbage bin, there are several steps you can take to make it less appealing for them:
• Securely close the lid – Making sure that lids on all household trash bins fit tightly will prevent cats from being able to get inside and rummage around for snacks or hiding spots. You may want to consider using child-proof locks if necessary; however these should only be used with supervised children so they don’t become injured while trying access their treats too early!
• Move your bin away from windows or doors – Moving any open containers further away from entrances will help keep curious felines outside where they belong! This includes considering how close outdoor bins are placed near fences or gates which would enable them easier access into neighbouring yards (and potentially more opportunity for mischief).

• Make use of deterrent sprays – Cats dislike certain odours like citrus scents as well as strong spices such as cinnamon/cayenne pepper mixed with water and sprayed around areas you wish off limits (including both interior & exterior locations). These solutions work best when used frequently since their effectiveness wears off over time due its evaporation rate so refreshing every few days is usually recommended by vets/pet experts alike!

Redirect Their Attention

When trying keeping cats out of trash cans isn’t enough then providing alternative distraction options may help redirect their attention elsewhere instead – this could involve interactive toys designed specifically towards engaging feline behaviours such us chasing after laser pointers/fishing rod type objects etc., but even basic items like cardboard boxes filled with crumpled paper balls provide great stimulation too! Additionally making sure fresh clean water & nutritious food sources are easily accessible will also encourage healthier habits rather than scavenging through rubbish bins looking for sustenance instead – because obviously no one wants unhealthy diets leading up any further issues down line either right?