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What Causes Siamese Cat’s Eyes to Turn Red?

Siamese cats are a breed of domestic cat that is known for their distinctive blue-gray fur, almond-shaped eyes, and short muzzle. One of the more unique traits of Siamese cats is that the color of their eyes can change from bright blue to a reddish hue. This change in eye color has been observed in both kittens and adult cats alike and can be quite startling for those who have never seen it before. So why do some Siamese cats’ eyes turn red?

The Science Behind Changing Eye Color

The scientific explanation behind this phenomenon is found in the anatomy of the eye itself. All mammals’ eyes contain two layers; the outer layer called “sclera” which contains collagen fibers and melanin pigments responsible for giving our eyes its natural coloration; and an inner layer called “uvea” which contains blood vessels, nerve cells, muscles, lymphatic tissue, as well as small amounts of melanin. In most cases when light reaches our retina these two layers remain separated but in some rare cases they combine together creating what we call a “cataract” – an opaque film on top of our eye that affects vision by blocking out light.

In Siamese cats due to abnormalities caused by genetic mutations or environmental factors such as stress or exposure to certain toxins, these two layers may fuse together causing them to appear red instead of their usual blue/green coloring. The presence of too much melanin pigment within the sclera may also cause this effect resulting in what appears to be reddish colored eyes even when there is no cataract present.

Why Does It Matter?

While changing eye color may seem like little more than an interesting quirk it is important to note that any changes should still be monitored closely by your veterinarian as they could potentially signify underlying health issues such as inflammation or glaucoma (increased pressure inside your pet’s eyeball). Additionally if you plan on breeding your Siamese cat then you will need extra care taken with regards to making sure all potential mates are free from any genetic defects associated with changing eye colors so that you don’t pass this trait onto future generations!