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Can Cats Have Cheese?

As pet owners, we want to make sure that the food we give our cats is healthy and safe. One common question is whether or not cats can have cheese. The answer may surprise you!

The Pros and Cons of Cheese for Cats

Cheese contains protein, calcium and other nutrients that are beneficial for cats. It can also be a tasty treat for them if served in moderation. However, like with most human foods, there are some potential risks associated with feeding cheese to your cat. For example, some types of cheese contain high amounts of fat which could lead to weight gain or digestive issues such as vomiting and diarrhea. In addition, lactose intolerance may be an issue since many cats are unable to digest dairy products efficiently due to their lack of the enzyme needed to break down lactose. Therefore it is important to feed cheese in small amounts if you choose to offer it as part of your cat’s diet.

Types of Cheeses That Are Safe For Cats

If you decide that offering cheese as a snack for your furry friend is something you would like to do then there are certain types that should be chosen over others due largely in part because they contain lower levels of fat: cottage cheese (low-fat), ricotta (low-fat) goat’s milk cheeses (lower fat than cow’s milk). Additionally, low sodium varieties should be selected whenever possible since too much salt can cause health problems for cats including kidney disease or dehydration.


In conclusion, while cheese has some nutritional benefits when consumed in moderation by cats – it should still only be given occasionally as a treat rather than included on a daily basis in their meal plan due its potentially harmful effects if eaten regularly or excessively fatty content when compared with other feline friendly snacks such as lean meats or fish based proteins sources instead.. Ultimately it comes down personal choice however so long as the type selected is appropriate – occasional servings within reason shouldn’t pose any serious health concerns