Cat Years to Human Years: How Old Is Your Cat in People Years?

Gather Supplies

Bathing a cat can be a tricky task, so it’s important to have the right supplies on hand. You will need a shallow bathtub or sink with warm water, mild dish soap or pet shampoo, at least two towels and some treats. It is also helpful to have another person available to assist in restraining the cat if needed.

Prepare the Area

Before bringing your cat into the bathroom, make sure that all surfaces are dry and free from any slippery substances like lotion or body wash. Place one of the towels inside of the tub or sink so that it is easier for your kitty to stand on during their bathtime. Fill up either with lukewarm water–it should be no more than 1-3 inches deep–and add some drops of mild dish soap or pet shampoo (avoid human shampoos).

Give Your Cat A Warm WelcomeWhen you bring your cat into the bathroom for its bathtime, offer comforting words and gentle scratches behind ears as you help them settle onto their towel-covered surface in preparation for their first dip! Make sure that before you get started they stay relaxed by speaking softly throughout each step of this process–no matter how much they may try to resist!

Lather Up & Rinse Off

Use an old cup or bowl filled with warm water and suds up your pet with either mild dish soap or pet shampoo until they are completely coated in bubbles. Massage those suds over every inch of fur – making sure not miss any spots – then rinse off all remaining residue thoroughly using additional cups full of clean lukewarm water until there’s no longer any signs left behind from sudsing up!

< h 2 > Post – Bath Care After rinsing off excess foamy residue , towel – dry your furry friend . Once sufficiently dried , brush out mats from wet fur while offering plenty of praise ! If possible , let them bask under natural sunlight for 15 minutes after bathing . Finally , reward them afterwards with treats for being such brave kitties !