Keep Cats Out of Your Yard: 7 Proven Ways to Deter Feline Invaders


Cats are one of the most beloved pets around, and their adorable behavior is often endearing to us humans. One common behavior that cats have when they’re feeling relaxed or comfortable is stretching their back legs out behind them. This can be a bit confusing to cat owners, who may be wondering why cats do this in the first place. In this article, we’ll explore some possible explanations for why cats stretch their rear legs and the benefits it provides them.

The Anatomy Behind Stretching

Before getting into why cats stretch specifically, it’s important to understand some basic anatomy related to stretching muscles in general. When you stretch your own body (think of reaching both arms up above your head), you are essentially lengthening a muscle group by contracting opposing muscles against each other—this tension creates more space between muscle fibers allowing them to relax and become longer over time with continued practice. Cats likely use this same process when they stretch out their back legs; however, the particular muscles involved may vary from species-to-species or even within breeds of similar cat types (exotic shorthair vs domestic shorthair).

Possible Reasons Why Cats Stretch Their Back Legs

Now that we know what happens during a typical body stretch, let’s look at some potential reasons as to why cats may choose this particular action:

• Comfort: Many people report that when their cat stretches her back legs out behind her while lying down she looks incredibly contented and relaxed; overall suggesting that stretching could be an act of comfort for many felines. It also provides an opportunity for self-grooming as kitties tend to knead/paw at themselves while in full extension!

• Temperature Regulation: Another possibility is that cats may choose this position because it helps regulate body temperature through increased circulation—when stretched fully in certain positions blood flow increases throughout all four limbs creating warmth which can be beneficial especially during colder months.

• Joint Health: Lastly, extending those hind legs might actually help keep joints healthy; ligaments attached to these appendages allow for improved mobility and flexibility which could reduce stiffness caused by wear/tear on joints—just like how yoga can increase flexibility! Thus allowing our furry friends better movement capabilities along with reduced pain associated with age-related joint issues such as arthritis etc… So there ya go—stretching isn’t just good for us humans afterall 😉

• Hunting Instinct: Some experts suggest that when a cat extends its rear limbs outward it acts more akin to a “springboard” enabling quick takeoffs towards unsuspecting prey making those hunting instincts sharper than ever before!


In conclusion, there are many possible reasons as to why cats might choose the position of extending their hind legs outwards including comfort/self grooming purposes or possibly due its association with increased circulation or joint health maintenance etc.. Whatever the case may be one thing’s certain though–it’s always fun watching your feline friend get into full “stretch mode” every now & then 😉