How to Prevent Feline Acne

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Feline acne is not as noticeable in cats as it is in humans, but it can still create health problems for cats that are left untreated, including a nasty infection. The best course of action is to prevent feline acne from developing in the first place. Here’s how.

Replace Plastic Food Bowls

Plastic food and water bowls are a breeding ground for bacteria, especially around the rim of the bowls where cats will eat. Multiple cats that use the same food and water bowls are also more likely to pass infection to each other, especially if the food and water bowls are not cleaned regularly and stale food and water is left in the food and water bowls for days at a time. Glass or ceramic food and water bowls are a more hygienic alternative to plastic food bowls and can help to prevent feline acne from developing. After replacing plastic food and water bowls, keep a close eye on your cat’s hygiene and wipe away their mouth or chin after mealtimes, to remove food particles.

Eliminate Stress Factors

Cats experience stress just the same as humans do. The only difference is that cat owners are not always aware of stress factors present in the lives of their cats, which makes identifying stressful situations that much harder to detect. Cats are creatures of habit, which essentially means that they do not always cope well with change. Instead, they react to stressful situations by changing their eating patterns, the way they behave, and how they relate to other pets in the home, as well as their owners. Stress is thought to be a contributing factor to feline acne. But by correctly identifying and trying to eliminate stressful situations in the home, cats will feel more secure, rather than overwhelmed with change that has come about in their lives. Do this by gently re-introducing the new kitten into the home and letting your older cat know that he still holds pride of place in the home, and be quick to deal with other stress factors (environmental and emotional stress factors) that can cause a cat to develop feline acne. Ignoring stress factors in cats will not make them go away.