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Can Cats Eat Icing?

When it comes to feeding cats, the general rule is that most human food should be avoided. This includes things like candy and cake, including icing or frosting. While some treats in small amounts may not do any major damage, there are risks involved with feeding cats human food of any kind — especially something as sugary sweet as icing.

Icing usually contains sugar, dairy products like butter or cream cheese, and a variety of artificial flavors and colors. All these ingredients can be potentially harmful to cats if consumed in large quantities as they can upset their stomachs and cause problems such as digestive issues or even weight gain due to the high sugar content.

What Are The Risks?

The biggest risk associated with giving your cat icing is that it could give them an upset stomach from consuming too much sugar at once. Additionally, since many icings contain butter or cream cheese they could also lead to a buildup of excess fat in the cat’s system which can lead to health complications over time if left unchecked. Lastly, certain artificial colors found in some icings have been known to cause problems for both humans and animals alike so you should always double check what type of product you are buying before giving it your pet!

Are There Alternatives To Icing For Cats?

While giving your feline friend icing isn’t recommended at all times due to the potential risks involved with its ingestion, there are plenty of alternatives out there that provide great nutrition without adding too much unnecessary sugar into their diets! Some good options include plain boiled chicken breasts (no skin), cooked lean meats such as turkey or fish (again no skin), eggs (cooked without oil/butter) , canned tuna packed in water only etc.. Natural yogurts without added flavors also make great treats for cats but try avoiding those with preservatives where possible! Just remember – moderation is key when feeding any type of treat – regardless if it’s for humans or pets alike!