Important Things to Consider When Buying Food and Water Bowls for Your Cat

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Whether you need new food and water dishes for a furry-footed addition to your family, or you need to replace existing containers, you can find quite a selection at your local pet store. Even places like Wal-Mart,  K-Mart and even your local Big Lots and hardware and grocery stores carry food and water dishes. But, if you pick one that’s “cute” or simply “cheap”, you can very well regret your decision later. That’s why you need to know “3 important things to consider when you’re buying food and water dishes for your cat!”

1. Single Dishes Versus Double Kitty Dishes

I once bought an adorable, purple with gold trimmed double- compartment cat dish. I thought it would be easy to move when I swept the floor. Boy, was I wrong. It’s hard to pick it up without sloshing the water into the food compartment. Not only that, but whenever it got accidentally kicked or bumped, both food and water flew everywhere. Add that to the fact that, everytime I looked, there was food in the water compartment. Obviously, my cat is a sloppy eater, or, she still had food in her mouth when she would reach over to get a drink of water. I soon retired that container and bought two single bowls instead.

2. What’s the Best Material to Choose?

Another important thing to consider when you’re buying food and water bowls for your cat is the material they’re made of. These containers are typically made of plastic, ceramic, stoneware or stainless steel. Plastic is durable and resists breakage, but it scratches, can fade, and can be hard to clean. Ceramic or stoneware cat bowls can be a good choice, except they can chip or break easily.

Because they are heavier, these types of containers stay put better and don’t slide across the floor as easily as their lighter counterparts. If you choose a ceramic bowl, make sure it’s made with lead-free paint and glaze. Stainless steel cat bowls endure a lot of abuse, and are easy to clean. They are usually fitted with rubber on the bottom so they don’t glide across the floor too.